Cathy Brett

Who Killed Jo-jo? Part One

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Image of Who Killed Jo-jo? Part One

The first chapter of my current work-in-progress, a long-form graphic novel, 'Who Killed Jo-jo?'. Shortlisted for the first Laydeez Do Comics Prize 2018.

Limited Edition 32 page soft cover book.
Full colour. Hand finished. 15x23 cm

Everyone has secrets.
Some remain buried for 30 years.
And some come back to haunt you.

Surrey, October 2015. Tilda and Tom meet at their ‘uncle’s’ funeral and bond over a shared obsession with the films of Alfred Hitchcock. Tilda thinks she may know why her dad and Tom’s mum seem so shaken by ‘Uncle’ Rick’s funeral and why both were reluctant to return to their home town. She thinks the answer lies in a box of photographs, taken in the 1980s, which appear to depict characters involved in a local ghost story, 'The Legend of Ed & Jo-jo'. Hidden in the photos are clues that might implicate their parents in a 30-year-old double murder.

"Hitchcock's REAR WINDOW meets Antonioni's BLOW UP with an 80s twist"

"A spooky graphic story that cleverly plays with comic panels and formats"