Cathy Brett

Who Killed JoJo? Book 1 - Road to Nowhere

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Image of Who Killed JoJo? Book 1 - Road to Nowhere

Book 1 of 'Who Killed JoJo?, a ghost story with a contemporary twist, which was shortlisted for the first Laydeez Do Comics Prize 2018 and the Myriad Editions First Graphic Novel Prize 2018.

Limited Edition 44 page soft cover comic.
Full colour on recycled paper/card.

Everyone has secrets.
Some remain buried for 30 years.
And some come back to haunt you.

Two teenagers find a box of undeveloped photographs that may hold clues to a 30-year-old murder. But the deeper they dig the more they wish they'd left it all dead and buried.

Spot the clues... solve the crime.

"Hitchcock's REAR WINDOW meets Antonioni's BLOW UP with an 80s twist"